Friday 5 April

North Korea’s Missile

Lil Kim has turned even uglier, with all eyes on North Korea as they move their missile to the firing range to hit South Korea and again, everybody’s taken his tantrum quite seriously. The US announced they will be moving an advance missile defence system to Guam, China has reconsidered ties with North Korea, and for something different, Australia decided to get involved too by issuing a stern warning to North Korea to end this “provocative behavior” –  Nice attempt, Bob Carr. However, in true Hearld Sun style instead of reporting on the impending attack, they decide to give neat facts about our boy Kim including his keen interest in 80’s pop music.



Just in case Rupert Murdoch was afraid that he wasn’t getting enough media attention… protestors “rampaged” his car last night outside the 70th anniversary of the right-winged Institute of Public Affairs, one holding a placard with the Aerosmith lyrics “Eat the Rich” – I don’t think we’ll be taking you up on that offer.



Light at the end of the tunnel

What happened: The Victorian government is aware that the public transport system sucks and therefore, in another hopeless effort to make it better has asked for a metro rail tunnel mirroring the Metro in London. Now since Team Gillard and Team Abbot are back in battle for the golden prize of Government which will be decided in September of this year. In an effort to out-do each other the Gillard government has backed the tunnel while, in Abbot fashion, Abbot has criticized Gillard and backed the east-west road link (some other road similar to that of East-Link linking the East-Link and the Western Ring Road). 


Why do we care? Well, we don’t really because it being just another attempt to out do each other at election time, we’ll see if any of the promised funding is given to us.



Jill Meagher Case

What happened? Adrian Ernest Bayley, 41, has been accused of murdering and raping an ABC Employee, Jill Meagher in September of last year. He is now pleading guilty to the charge of murder and the three charges of rape – meaning that the wicked man will be placed in a cell for a long time, even quicker.


Who did the Wicked Witch of the West turn into after Dorothy melted her…  well, Matthew Guy of course.


Who is Matthew Guy? He is the Victorian Planning Minister who has became best-buddies with many of the planning developers around Melbourne by, and charging $3000 to have dinner with him and have a lil “chat”


And, why do we hate him? After giving himself extensive powers to control most of the planning with the CBD as well as the rest of Victoria, he has taken it upon himself to create Melbourne into a “developer-run” town, by signing off anything that comes in front of him, including a 388-meter sky scraper (90 meters taller than the Eureka and 100 meters more than the Port Phillip Council regulations). He has delved into the leafy cities of Stonnington by approving many more developing requests and he has many more grand ideas of expanding the sky-scrapers to all across the land, so that evil-developers can continue to rule. As Matthew Guy said “what I can get done in two days took years in opposition” – A Guy who clearly enjoy’s power.



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