Monday 8th April


Gillard in China

Our red-headed leader is on fire at the Asia conference, although her speech was a hit-and-miss, being out shinned by New Zealand PM John Key, with his car-sales-man-like-skills, sold New Zealand “like a pro.” Yet, it was reported that it was what happened behind closed doors that was red hot. Australia secured the dollar to be directly converted to the Chinese Yuen (only 2 other countries hold this privilege; US Dollar and Japanese Yen) which means we now don’t have to dumb down to the US standards before converting to Chinese currency, we are holding an Australia fair in Shanghai to promote tourism and trade opportunities in Australia. On’ya Jules. 

Why do we care? If you work in business you do – Australian currency means a little cheaper trading. Cheaper tourism, because our dollar is stronger than the US – which is always a win! But besides that, just more Asian tourists, which is always good for the economy.

Update: North Korea

Kim Jong-Il has ensured that that the cease-fire is abandoned, and has declared a “state of war” on South Korea and it’s allies (which means by de facto, Australia). They have also now lost their own and only friend, China as president Xi Jinping condemns North Korea for declaring war out of “selfish gains” at the Bo’ao Conference in China, while, he didn’t mention North Korea specifically, it was preety much implied.

Bob is ‘The Mole’ … as one of the only grown-ups left in the Labour Party, after the March spill. However, recently WikiLeaks unveiled that he was a source of United States diplomats seeking information about the Whitlam government during the mid-70’s – no wonder he has such a keen interest in the US Alliance.

If Labour doesn’t do it Liberal will… these are Julia’s threats to the Australian public. The word Superannuation shouldn’t be messed with – but if it is it’s a sure way to loose an election.

What’s going on? Labour wants to place a higher tax on those who have over 2 million dollars in their superannuation and take out over 100,000 dollars at a time. 

Liberal are having a fit. The mining giants are having a fit. And the rest …. well, they don’t really understand what’s going on.

And what’s Labour on about? Acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan has released a Facebook campaign said that if Liberal gets into power they will slap on a tax to those of the lowest paid (around 3.6 million Australians). Now that’s a scare campaign if I’ve ever seen one. 






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