Tuesday 9th April

“Being powerful is like being a lady, if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t” (Margret Thatcher)

You know you’ve made it when … the Queen calls your family with her condolences. The “First lady of girl power,” Margret Thatcher has died following a stroke.

Britain’s “Iron Lady” became the First Woman Prime Minister between 1979-1990 winning 3 elections – not bad for a green grocers daughter. Her steadfast belief in neo-liberalism inevitably led to her demise as she was forced out of office by her own party after refusing to comprise either on her policies towards Europe or on a property tax that led to mass non-payment and violent riots.

Who knew…  Afghanistan accepts refugees. As one of the least stable countries, it seems crazy that anyone would want to settle here, however ironically these 70 refugees are pretty keen on staying. They may actually be the unluckiest refugee’s in the world, but hey, as long as there not being persecuted, right?

What do you say when you buy a car.. A Holden, Thanks.

Why do we care? Holden has announced that are slashing 500 jobs from Australian plants. Despite, the 2 billion hand-outs paid by the government over the past decade, it’s obviously not enough to keep Holden stalling on, as it undergoes a “structural shift” due to the rising Australian dollar and cut-throat competition from international rivals.

What do you say when your accused of using frauding taxpayer-funded taxi vouchers… “Wasn’t Me!”

Former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper is taking on a ‘Shaggy’ approach, by entering a plea of “not guilty” to allegations that he used taxpayer-funded taxi vouchers for personal use. He is alleged to have used the card for $1000 worth of trips to wineries and restaurants outside the ACT.


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