Iiiiiiiit’s FRIDAY!

“Pride goes before the fall” David O’Brien’s warning to Captain Roberts of the Salvation Army

Number one rule … Don’t piss of the ‘big guy’ 

James Hird certainly didn’t follow this rule. WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) is angry at the Essendon Football Club.

Humiliating AFL Football teams seems to be all the rage this seasons. While, it began with the players being suspected of injecting illicit drugs. Like those of a magical potion, the drugs included “the first milk from a mother cow” and “a peptide extracted from a pigs brain.”

This made the players turn into the Hulk, and won every match.

Now the coaches get the limelight. Dr Reid (who sounds more like a character of Grey’s Anatomy in my opinion) provided drugs within the coaches box to prevent anxiety and to increase concentration. They did this through an IV, which is illegal under ASADA (Australian Sporting Anti-Doping Agency).

Denial is one of the best traits of the Catholic Church … besides covering up.

The Salvation Army (a stem of the catholic church) has had “473 complaints of abuse in it’s Victorian children’s home and spent $20 million so far settling them” however, seemed to deny that there is any sort of ‘culture’ of abuse within the Salvation Army – hmmm….

What to say when people ask what you love about Australia … forget the Great Barrier Reef, it’s the car industry!

BHP Billion Chairman Jac Nasser has criticized the Australian public for not being more patriotic about maintaining a local car industry. Apparently, Australian’s are not “emotionally connected” to the car industry therefore, causing it’s demise.

Because it couldn’t be the rising Australian dollar, lack of workers, wage prices and the GFC causing the car sales decline … I think there’s too much oil going to Nasser’s head.


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