Tuesday 11 November 2014

From a population of under five million, 417,000 enlisted, 332,000 served overseas, 152,000 were wounded and 61,000 never came home – Former Prime Minister, John Howard at Remembrance Day 2014

Tuesday 11 November

Lights, Camera, Brisbane. 

While, not the most exciting place in Australia – all eyes on Brisbane as talks of the G20 begin.

The Story 

Brisbane’s been rolling out the red-carpet for the world leaders as the G20 gathers the leaders of the 20 highest economies, and brings together to talk some shit out (aka. MH17, ISIS, Ebola etc). This week brings together these leaders at APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation), L20, B20 and then the big – G20 Summit Meeting. Yesterday they had APEC and,

The Scoop

–  Tone’s wants to “shirt-front” Putin, Putin says “nah“, Tone’s backs-down

– Obama wants to have a small chat about getting more of those troop-people in Iraq or summin, summin …

– Erry’one wants a more free trade in Asia

Things that happened far, far away 


The Story 

Yesterday marked the 25th Anniversary of the coming-down of the Berlin Wall. An event that marked, more than any other, the end of the Cold War. In commemoration of this day, 7000 illuminated helium balloons traced the course of the barrier that once divided the city slicing streets, families and graveyards. The balloons were set free following the celebrations to commemorate the hoard of protesters in 1989 who tore down the Berlin Wall.

The Scoop

– The Berlin Wall was bulit in 1961 to stop East German’s fleeing to the West

– At least 138 people were killed trying to escape West Berlin


The Story 

A suicide bomber has killed 48 students and injured 79 students, as they gathered for their assembly at school in the North-East of Nigeria.

The Scoop

This comes in the wake of 276 female Nigerian school students kidnapped and killed by Islamic extremists in Nigeria – as they believe that females should not go to school.

Repeat After Me

What’s a synonym for “hyopcrite?”

Parliamentary MP’s! Former MP’s have made a submission into the Senate inquiry’s arguing that they should keep their taxpayer-funding perks including the Gold Pass Scheme which allows them to have free travel. The Association of Former Members of Parliament of Australia argued that this would be “unconscionable” and “unconstitutional”. The submission was uploaded on Friday and taken down on Monday hours after the West Australian reported on its contents.

What’s the world watching now?
Israel. Palestinians have become violent in widening violence which have been stoked over a Jerusalem holy site in Israel. Various incidences have happened around the holy site, where biblical Jewish temples once stood. The first incident, in which a Palestinan stabbed and critically wounded the soldier at a Tel Aviv train station made people pretty pissed off, including bloodshed around the city. An Israeli woman was later stabbed to death near another holy site in Alonh Shvut Jewish settlement. Further violence around the country including Arab-Israeli’s throwing stones at police officers on the weekend due to the police shooting of an Arab. This is not looking good. 






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