Tuesday 20 October 2015

I am committed to using my name to advocate the things that are important to me, especially education, to create a better Australia for all Australians and I believe this role will give me the opportunity to do this, – Former Sydney Swans Player, Adam Goodes following the release of his role as David Jones Ambassador 

Adam Goodes and His Racist Following. 

As always Adam Goodes has created quite a racket following the David Jones announcement of him as the face of their new campaign – that’s right no more Miranda Kerr *hearts break*

The Background

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months, you’d remember the ‘booing’ of Adam Goodes following his screaming match with a 13-year-old, which reached its height with an Indigenous war dance, and skin-pointing, and finishing with this imminent retirement. Well, good ol’ Goodsey, has got up and returned with as much prestige, class and elegance as David Jones himself (I’m sure he was a classy man), with an advertisement to match, but has been met with howls of abuse on social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.


Four Corner’s Outrage 

What happened?

A guy that gets paid $430,000 of taxpayers money, just dropped the ol’ “c***-struck” on Four Corners last night. Firstly, what is that? And Secondly, people aren’t happy. But Twitter’s lovin’ it.

What, why, how? *Humf* 

This a long-one, but in 30-seconds or less – Four Corner’s did an investigative expose of Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler last night.

Yep, and who are they? Both of whom are both involved in a scandal involving our “most trusted” Former Labor MP Craig Thomson and his allegations of the union credit cards, and the paying for escort services as well as withdrawing $100,000 in cash (not good). Jackson was the gal who dobbed craggy-boy in – with Abbott calling her a “hero”.

Anyway, she turned pear-shaped, lost control and essentially now she has similar allegations against her – massive spending spree using her union credit card (think restaurants, overseas holidays, mortgage payments etc) and was order to repay $1.4 million back to the union, as well as a small criminal investigation under way.

And he is.. He’s her boyfriend, and been the good guy by taking sick leave for 6 months to defend her, therefore, is concerned about the prima facie, allegations against him profiting from her endeavours. Since, the HSU had paid for some of his airfares and accommodation.

So he dropped the c*bomb over sick leave? Hmm, something of the sort – he has faced a heap of criticism by taking all that sick leave, and now wants people to know that despite him trying to be a good guy, he was (and maybe still is) c**t-struck by her.. I guess, I don’t know. It’s weird. But, I’m assuming this is going to get him more of that criticism he’s been loving.

Tony Abbott’s Big Bash 

Tone’s gets smashed, Smashes a table.

What Happened? After the long-sought #libspill, our mate Tones decided to have a party, turns out Tones likes to drink and the Libs like to get a little bit crazy, and send him off in style.

The Scoop 

There’s a smashed marble table following the party, and when the cleaners came the next morning – it had been done. And now, people want answers. There’s a Senate enquiry – yes an enquiry, into the smashing of the table, and exactly what happened that night to ensure that Taxpayers money wasn’t spend inapporpriately – somewhat of 2,000 dollars of alcohol was also at the party. But with Detective Penny Wong on the case, we can be sure to get some answers.


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